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Italian spearmint/white leaf cotton voile - *FLAW*

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fabric #60195
contents: 100% cotton
width: 56"
origin: Italy
Original EOS Price: $18.75/yd
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From Italy, this is a lovely cotton voile, lightweight and semi-sheer with a floaty drape and a cottony hand. The wonderful silhouette leaf design features spearmint and white (PANTONE 15-6123). Perfect for blouses, tops, tunics, a scarf, etc. Lining or layering may be needed for some styles. Please test first if you wish to hand wash, and hang to dry. There is a faint red mark 3" in from the selvage that recurs maybe every 1/2 yard through the length of the fabric. Just think of the fabric as 53" wide instead of 56". It's so faint that we did not notice it at first!