Emma One Sock

summery floral embroidered sheer mesh - nude

This is an exquisite embroidered mesh, a delicate and summery flower design embroidered on a sheer nude mesh ground (PANTONE 14-1210-ish). The pattern lays from selvage to selvage as shown in the bottom photo, so the closeup and the middle right show the fabric turned, while the middle left and bottom show it as it comes off the roll. You will probably want to cut your garment across the width so that the floral pattern lays vertically on your garment. It has a flowing, soft drape with a bit of body. The glorious colors include shades of pink, green, light coppery brown, french blue, coral-red and citrus-yellow (PANTONE 18-1651, 12-0740, 12-1310, 17-6319, etc.). Use as an overlay for a gorgeous special occasion blouse, tunic, top, dress, gown, shawl, etc. Hand wash and hang to dry, or dry clean.