Emma One Sock

NY designer 3-ply abstract printed organza

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fabric #60502
contents: 100% nylon
width: 54"
origin: Dennis Bass0
Sold out!

This is an exquisite and very special 3-ply organza from a high end NY designer.... just stunning! The fabric itself is an ivory nylon organza, very sheer with a crisp drape and a subtle sparkle. The three layers are completely separate yet rolled together as one, and they also are printed as one, so that the top layer has the most saturation, the middle layer a bit less, and the bottom layer even less. The print in stunning, a rippled abstract with a 30.5" repeat in mostly orange, lime and purple tones (PANTONE 16-1539, 16-6030, 18-3834, etc.). It has an ethereal and dimensional look due to the play of the print between the sheer layers. So, how to handle this unique fabric design? If you order two yards you will receive three layers of two yards, and they need to be cut and sewn as one, so it might be wise to tack the layers together before cutting. The drape is quite firm, and it will be up to you as the designer to decide how best to make use of all these wonderful characteristics! Even with three layers it is still quite sheer, so lining or layering may be required for some styles. Make a show-stopping garment for a special event. Dry cleaning recommended.