Emma One Sock

NY designer silk chiffon - mod waves

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fabric #60513
contents: 100% silk
width: 54"
origin: Dennis Bass0/Italy
Sold out!

This is a gorgeous quality silk chiffon from a high end NY designer, a sheer silk with a floaty drape. The print is a "mod waves" design with a 39.5" repeat, in many tones including turquoise, tangerine, geranium, kelly, curry, eggplant, pink, etc. (PANTONE 16-5930, 17-1563, 16-4427, 19-1606, etc.). Perfect for a scarf, overlay for a blouse, top, flowing tunic, dress, skirt, etc. Most styles will need lining or layering. Dry clean or test first if you would like to hand wash.