Emma One Sock

NY designer pucci-esque design silk charmeuse 1.375 yd

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fabric #60953
contents: 100% silk
width: 44"
origin: Dennis Bass0
original EOS price: $22.00/yd
discounted price: $18.70/yd
$25.71 for the piece
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This is a wonderful silk charmeuse print from a high end NY designer, a lovely quality silk with a soft drape and a pleasing sheen. The Pucci-esque print features gorgeous tones of gold, lilac, lemon and olive brown with black outlines (PANTONE 14-1110, 16-3115, 18-0832, 12-0738). It is perfect for a blouse, dress, tunic, top, elegant lining for a jacket, etc. Dry clean, or test first if you wish to try hand-washing. 1.375 yds.