Emma One Sock

Rag & B0ne dark gray 'wet look' denim

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fabric #61023
contents: cotton/viscose
width: 55"
origin: Rag & B0ne
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From Rag & B0ne comes this fabulous quality no stretch fancy denim twill in a dark and smokey gray (PANTONE 19-3908-ish). The right side has a "wet look", with a reflective sheen, while the reverse is a matte finish gunmetal gray (PANTONE 18-0306). It is an upscale and more dressy denim twill, a suiting weight denim with body in the drape. It's perfect for more refined jeans, tailored jacket or even a suit, trench coat, etc. Pre-wash and dry using the same method you will want to use on your finished garment. Test first for machine washing and drying, or dry clean. (The greenish streaks in the bottom right photo are a reflection, not part of the fabric.)