Emma One Sock

soft pink/denim floral print 'scuba' knit

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fabric #61077
contents: 92poly/8spandex
width: 58"
origin: Korea
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This microfiber stretch doubleknit, better known as "scuba" or "neoprene", has a matte finish and a soft drape with some body (on the spectrum of scuba knits, which are not all created equal, this one is more drapey that firm and not super heavy weight). It has about 25% widthwise stretch, and the print is a lovely hand-drawn-style floral in shades of black, creamy white, soft pink, denm, wisteria and olive brown (PANTONE 13-1408, 17-4030, 17-3615, etc.). Perfect for a sheath dress, fitted skirt or jacket, tunic, skinny pants, etc. Hand or machine wash or dry clean.