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Bahariye 130 virgin wool plaid with sheen 1.375 yds

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fabric #61128
contents: 100% v. wool
width: 58"
origin: Bahariye/Turkey
Original EOS Price: $34.00/yddiscounted price: $25.24/yd
$34.70 for the piece
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From the Turkish mill Bahariye, this is a fantastic quality virgin wool yarn dyed plaid (1.75" repeat) in a deep mix of off black, graphite and mocha (PANTONE 17-4402, 17-1319, 198-0306-ish). The face has a semi-glossy sheen (not sure how it's achieved--it is so well integrated into the fabric it does not seem like a coating or lamination), and the reverse has a matte finish. It's an exquisite, classic and refined wool, perfect for suiting, tailored jacket, slacks, dress, skirt, etc. A wrinkle resistant, lighter weight suiting with nice drape that has some body. Dry clean only. LAST PIECE, 1.375 yds.