Emma One Sock

Rag & B0ne abstract brushed wool sweater knit

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fabric #61130
contents: wool/nylon
width: 55"
origin: Rag & B0ne/Italy
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This is a cozy brushed wool knit from Rag & B0ne, made in Italy and printed with a hatchy, bark-like abstract. The base fabric is a natural ivory tone, and the print colors are camel and off black (PANTONE 16-1320, 11-0105, etc.). It has a boiled wool texture on both sides, and it has 40% widthwise stretch, very stable in the length. The edges don't fray or curl, so it is suitable for an unlined style. It has some firmness in the drape and is medium weight but not at all chunky. Make a cardigan, sweater jacket, sweater dress or skirt, tunic, etc. Dry clean, or if you wish to try hand-washing please test first, and lay flat to dry.