Emma One Sock

Rag & B0ne 'fairisle sweater' yarn dyed doubleknit

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fabric #61131
contents: poly/wool blend
width: 61"
origin: Rag & B0ne
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From Rag & B0ne, this is a wonderful yarn-dyed doubleknit (similar to ponte in weight and drape, but with a more sweatery texture and not as much elasticity) with a stripey fairisle design that has a 3.5" repeat. The colors are garnet, black, dusty pink, cinnamon, dusty aqua and antique ivory (PANTONE 19-1655, 16-4712, 15-1237, etc.) with a tweed mix of all of the above on the reverse. It is medium weight and opaque with lovely drape that has some body, and it has about 20% widthwise stretch. It is perfect for a cardigan, sweater jacket, sweater dress, skirt, knit suiting, etc. Test first if you wish to hand wash and lay flat to dry, or dry clean.