Emma One Sock

Bedhe@d tulip garden COTTON/spandex knit

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fabric #61218
contents: 95cotton/5spandex
width: 57"
origin: Bedhe@d PJ's
Sold out!

Here is another from the well-known 'boutique' pajama designer! All of the prints are original, exclusive designs, made in the USA, printed on a fabulous quality COTTON/spandex 4-way stretch knit, medium-lightweight and opaque, with a cottony soft hand and drape. This print is a wonderful stylized tulip garden design in shades of watermelon, creamy white, lime, light french blue, with black outlines (PANTONE 18-2143, 13-0442, 15-4020, etc.). About 60% stretch in the width, 50% in the length, with great recovery. Great for PJ's, tees, tops, tunics, dresses, etc. Beautiful quality! Machine wash cold, delicate. Do not bleach, hang to dry. (Sorry about upside down draped photo!)