Emma One Sock

Rag & B0ne glazed-look black sweater knit

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fabric #61223
contents: cotton/poly
width: 60"
origin: Rag & B0ne
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From Rag & B0ne, this is a fabulous-looking black sweater knit with an unusual "weave" (almost like chain link), with a mix of shiny and matte fibers that give the right side a wet/glazed look (tasteful, not tacky), and the reverse a matte finish. The weave creates mechanical stretch, which is 35% in the width only. It is medium weight and drapey with body, nearly opaque, and very cool! Make a fabulous cardigan, tunic, or a sweater dress to wear with leggings and boots for a high fashion look. Dry clean or please test first if you wish to hand wash and lay flat to dry.