Emma One Sock

Guipure floral printed lace - blue/green

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fabric #61314
contents: 100% polyester
width: 50.75"
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This printed Guipure floral lace is absolutely STUNNING! Guipure lace is a more substantial lace, very cottony (although this one is polyester it feels, looks and drapes cotton), and this colorway is a white lace that is overprinted with a beautiful blue and green palette including shades of baby blue, spruce, yellow-green, purple, pale mint, lime, etc. (PANTONE 14-4313, 17-5734, 12-0530, 14-0232, etc.). The drape has some body, and it's perfect for anything from a lace jacket or tunic to a dress or skirt, or even lace pants for a special occasion! Whatever you make be sure to make use of the exquisite selvedges (shown below)! Both selvedges have the decorative edging. Dry cleaning recommended, or test first if you want to hand wash and lay flat to dry.