Emma One Sock

Italian painterly abstract cotton/spandex sateen

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fabric #61510
contents: cotton/spandex
width: 58"
origin: Italy
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From Mi11y, this wonderful Italian cotton/spandex sateen (15% widthwise stretch) is opaque with some body in the drape, a micro-twill weave and a soft sheen on the face. The amazing painterly abstract print has a 44" vertical repeat and a fabulous design in deep burgundy, magenta, tangerine, gray, lemon, soft white, etc. (PANTONE 19-1606, 12-0720, 16-1451, 15-0000, etc.). Perfect for a tailored dress, fitted or structured skirt, jacket, capris, etc. Dry clean or test first if you wish to hand or machine wash and hang to dry.