Emma One Sock

quilted-look 3-ply knit - natural/black grid

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fabric #61765
contents: visc/nylon/poly/elas
width: 42"
origin: NY designer
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This is a fabulous yarn dyed 3-ply matelasse' knit with a windowpane quilted grid look (2.25" squares), textured, very supple and soft, with a natural white viscose knit on the face, a black poly knit on the bottom and nylon filler fibers in the middle. The layers are attached where you see the black lines of the grid. It is medium weight and opaque with a soft drape and about 15% widthwise stretch. It is a versatile weight perfect for an upscale hoodie, a cardigan, pullover, tunic, sweater dress or skirt, etc. It also has great salt and pepper tweedy selvages that can be used for trim! Hand wash, hang to dry.