Emma One Sock

designer yarn-dyed micro-check woven - salmon/taupe

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fabric #61904
contents: viscose/poly/span
width: 53"
origin: art-to-wear designer
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I met an art-to-wear designer at a trade show recently, and was invited to her studio to sort through some fabrics that she had used in previous seasons! This lovely fabric is a drapey yarn-dyed dress weight woven with a micro-check weave in pink salmon and taupe (PANTONE 16-1715, 14-1014) that together give the impression of a soft, antique rose. It is lightweight yet nearly opaque with lots of drape, and has just about 10% stretch in the width only. It is perfect for a blouse, dress, skirt, overshirt, drapey vest, wide-leg pants, etc. Hand wash and hang to dry, or dry clean.