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Liberty Art Fabrics: 'Queue for the Zoo' Tana lawn

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fabric #62213
contents: 100% cotton
width: 54"
origin: Liberty Art Fabrics/England
Original EOS Price: $38.00/yd
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From the new Fall 2017 collection of Liberty Art Fabrics, this is a Tana lawn weight cotton print, imported from England. The print is called 'Queue for the Zoo', and features elephants, giraffes, camels, parrots, flamingos, iquanas, anteaters, etc. (2.375" repeat) in tones of dusty aqua, lemon-lime, soft pink, brownish gray, etc. on a soft white ground (PANTONE 12-4805, 15-1614, 12-0530, 17-1230, etc.). The cloth is an exquisite quality cotton lawn, lightweight, semi-opaque, soft with cottony drape, and the print has much more clarity and beauty in real life. (Some prints are directional, some of the drapey photos show the print upside down due to the way it comes off the roll.) For blouses, shirts, dresses, skirts, etc! Hand wash cold, hang to dry (please test first).