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NY designer chocolate/sand patterned faux fur

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fabric #62267
contents: cotton/viscose
width: 54"
origin: NY designer
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This wonderful faux fur from NY designer is a super soft and low pile fur with a chocolate and desert sand coloring (PANTONE 19-1314, 15-1216...ish) and a crushed, sculpted look. It is backed with a smooth, medium brown cotton, so it has a cottony drape. It is medium weight, and perfect for a coat, jacket, vest, or use for color blocking or trim. Dry cleaning recommended.

Tip for cutting most faux furs: Cut with the wrong side up and slip your scissors through the backing only---do not cut through the fur! This will preserve the look of the fur at the cut edges and will also prevent the fibers from shedding and getting all over your workspace.