Emma One Sock

Italian 'decorative paisley' panel viscose/spandex knit

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fabric #62296
contents: 94visc/6spandex
width: 62"
origin: Italy
Sold out!

This fabric has a 33" repeat, so let's call it a yard. Please order in 1-yard increments.

Just in with a shipment from Italy, this stunning viscose/spandex jersey knit is lightweight, soft and drapey but opaque. The beautiful decorative paisley print features aster blue, red, tan, soft black, khaki, etc. (PANTONE 18-4252, 18-1561, 16-1336, etc.). The fabric has about 80% stretch in the width and 50% in the length, with great recovery. Make a top, tee, tunic, dress, skirt, etc. Please test first if you wish to hand or machine wash, and hang to dry.