Emma One Sock

Italian wool/moh blend open sweater - serpentine

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fabric #62298
contents: wool/acr/moh
width: 65"
origin: Italy
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This is a beautiful Italian wool/mohair blend sweater is soft, lightweight and open, with about 80% widthwise, 30% lengthwise stretch. It has a plain knit stitch, loosely knit and semi-sheer, flowy, delicate and drapey. This sweatery beauty has a serpentine abstract design in mixed tones of soft mauve, plum, apricot, off white, etc. (PANTONE 16-1708, 14-1419, etc.) is perfect for scarves, shawls, overlays and drapey cardigans. Dry clean, or if you wish to hand wash, please test first, and lay flat to dry.