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Italian 2-ply wool blend sweater knit- browns/oatmeal

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fabric #62531
contents: wool blend
width: 57"
origin: Italy
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From Italy, this wonderful 2-ply wool blend sweater knit is thick and cozy, tightly knit and opaque with body in the drape. The striped layer (.75" repeat) has dark mud brown and toasty medium brown alternating stripes while the solid layer is a pretty oatmeal tone (PANTONE 19-0614, 17-1322, 12-0605...ish). The fabric has a knit construction with about 20% stretch in the width, but it's very stable and substantial. Make a wonderful simple-lined cardigan, jacket, cocoon coat, etc. Dry cleaning recommended. The color was difficult to get right on these striped wools, so you may wish to order a sample.