Emma One Sock

Italian moss/mocha design boiled wool fleece

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fabric #62537
contents: wool/mohair
width: 58.5"
origin: Italy
Original EOS Price: $42.00/yd
Sold out!

JUST IN with a new shipment from Italy, this amazing boiled wool fleece is just right for a fabulous cozy cardigan, jacket, cape, cocoon coat, etc. The textured, yarn-dyed graphic abstract design is exquisite --- it's knitted in (not a print) and is seen as a flat weave on the reverse. Colors include espresso, mocha-gray and mossy green (PANTONE 17-0230, 18-1306, etc.). The fabric has a knit construction with about 10% stretch in the width, just a bit in the length, so it's very stable, with a more firm drape. It is so soft, cozy, fleecy and wooly. Dry cleaning recommended.