Emma One Sock

Italian aztec border print silk satin chiffon

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fabric #62558
contents: 100% silk
width: 54"
origin: M@xMara/Italy
Sold out!

This beautiful M@xMara Italian silk satin chiffon print is so beautiful, semi-sheer with a light and floaty drape and printed on the matte side (but it is almost equally saturated on the more shiny side, so either side could be used as the face). The print is inspired by aztec art (25" repeat) and has a decorative border along one selvage. The colors are so pretty: cobalt, kelly, apricot, warm gray, pearl, aqua, french blue, soft pink and plum brown (PANTONE 19-3950, 16-5825, 15-1150, 15-4715, 15-6307, etc.). Perfect for a blouse, top or tunic, kimono, or as an overlay for a dress or skirt, scarf, etc. Dry clean or please test first if you wish to hand wash, and hang to dry.