Emma One Sock

French 'urban cubist' double motif panel knit

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fabric #62693
contents: 96viscose/4lycra
width: 59.5"
origin: France
Sold out!

Each panel is 34.5" long, so let's call it a yard. Please order in increments of 1 yard.
From a new shipment just in from French mills, this is an amazing printed knit!! The fabric is a high quality viscose/lycra knit, light weight yet opaque with beautiful drape and about 50% widthwise stretch. The "urban cubist" print shows a city balcony and staircase in a digital cubist style, with two panel repeats across the width. The colors are "smudgy" tones of tinted gray, black and green along with some grape, vivid red, nutmeg, etc. (PANTONE 14-3903, 19-0323, 17-1532, 18-3840, 18-1649, etc.). Perfect for tees, tops, tunics, skirt, etc. Test first if you would like to hand or machine wash, cold, hang to dry. (We do have sample yardage of this one, even though it's a panel.)