Emma One Sock

designer colored stripes cotton jacquard

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fabric #62729
contents: cotton/viscose
width: 55"
origin: art-to-wear designer
Original EOS Price: $22.00/yd
Sold out!

I met an art-to-wear designer at a trade show recently, and was invited to her studio to sort through some fabrics that she had used in previous seasons! This one really caught my eye---the colors are so pretty and the weight is so versatile. It is an opaque shirting/dress weight with a soft drape with a bit of body, and the jacquard striped weave is given dimension by the change of colors going across the fabric in a 7.75 horizontal repeat (the stripes run vertically, and diagonally, as shown). Colors include a base of slate gray mixed with blue, turquoise, pink, silver, olive, coral and ginger (PANTONE 17-1501, 18-3945, 17-2520, 16-0421, 17-1418, etc.). Perfect for shirts, tops, tunics, dresses, skirts, etc. So many possibilities for mixing of directional stripes, cutting on the bias, etc. This is a second roll which is a slightly different weave than the first roll which was previously posted. Please test first if you wish to hand wash and hang to dry, or dry clean.