Emma One Sock

Italian double border wildflower cotton woven

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fabric #62845
contents: 100% cotton
width: 58"
origin: Italy
Sold out!

From a new shipment just in from Italy and France, this cotton woven is a lovely shirting/dress weight with a bit of crispness in the drape. The double border print is a gorgeous wildflower design, with shades of yellow, pink, red, violet, green, blue, aqua, etc. on a soft white ground (PANTONE 17-3323, 12-0824, 17-1644, 17-0123, etc.). The flowers extend towards the center along each selvage, and your pattern can be laid out across or with the grain. Make a pretty blouse, tunic top, gathered skirt, shirt, dress, etc. Hand wash cold, hang to dry (please test first).