Emma One Sock

Italian 2x2 ribbed digital cotton knit - ladybugs

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fabric #62847
contents: 94cotton/6span
width: 54"
origin: Italy
Sold out!

From a new shipment that just arrived from Italy, this is a fabulous digital print 2x2 ribbed cotton/spandex 4-way stretch knit, medium-light weight and opaque, with lovely drape. The base fabric is a light butter tone and the ladybugs are shaded with purple, green, yellow, red, etc. (PANTONE 11-0105, 18-3828, 15-0628, 14-0755, etc.). 100% stretch in the width and 40% length, with great recovery. Great for tees, tops, tunics, dresses, kids clothing, etc. Beautiful quality and the ribbing makes it super soft! Test first if you would like to hand or machine wash, and hang to dry.