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Italian decorative paisley linen/cotton - periwinkle/pink

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fabric #62874
contents: linen/cotton
width: 54.75"
origin: Italy
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Just in with a new shipment from a top Italian mill, this exquisitely refined linen/cotton dress weight woven is brand new for Spring 2018. It has a visible, very slightly open weave but a smooth hand and finish, and it is semi-opaque with some body in the drape. The gorgeous decorative paisley design (18.3" vertical repeat) is layered and complex, with tones of light periwinkle, pink, lavender, coral, cobalt, rose, tangerine, sunshine, spruce, black, etc. on a soft ivory ground (PANTONE 14-4121, 15-2214, 16-1632, 18-4247, 13-0932, etc.). Perfect for a pretty dress, skirt, shirt, tunic, kimono jacket, etc. Dry clean, or test first if you wish to hand- or machine-wash, and hang to dry.