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The0ry tessilation jacquard rainwear - caper

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fabric #62929
contents: waterproof nylon
width: 57.5"
origin: He1mut Lang-The0ry/Italy
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From Italy for The0ry Resort 2017, this is a smart and stylish rainwear fabric, medium weight and opaque with a smooth hand and a more firm drape in a versatile and sophisticated tone-on-tone tessilation design. The color is caper--sort of a deep greenish, bronze-ish brownish color that is a little different on the reverse and either side can be used as the face (PANTONE 19-0820 is close). It does have a soft reflective sheen that is quite beautiful. Waterproof! Make a beautiful raincoat or jacket --- and it could be lined or unlined as both sides are beautiful and easy to slip on and off. Dry clean or test first for washability.