Emma One Sock

NY designer pleated woven - woodsy brown

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fabric #63110
contents: 100% polyester
width: 42.5"
origin: NY designer
Original EOS Price: $17.50/yd
Sold out!

This super trendy pleated fabric is sold by the yard in a relaxed position, but one yard will stretch out to 2.5 yards. The pleats run widthwise and are permanent (they won't iron or wash out, but they will expand if stretched, and spring right back when released). To make your garment with the pleats running up and down you need to cut your pattern pieces across the grain. The color is a woodsy, taupey brown (PANTONE 17-0808) and the pleating is tight yet "informal". It is shown pinned to the dress form as it would hang on the body, drapey, lightweight and semi-sheer. Perfect for a blouse, dress, skirt, tunic, shirt, etc. Dry clean, or please test first if you wish to hand or machine wash.