Emma One Sock

Italian stylized floral 'matte hybrid' microfiber woven

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fabric #63191
contents: 100% polyester
width: 57"
NY designer/Italy
Sold out!

This wonderful Italian printed microfiber stretch woven fabric comes from a NY designer. It is similar to but slightly heavier than matte hybrid in texture, drape and weight. It has about 15% stretch in the width only, but is very stable. The gorgeous stylized floral print features black, various shades of blue, kiwi, nutmeg, taupe, sand, fuschia, mauve, etc. (PANTONE 17-4412, 13-0725, 17-1134, 13-1106, etc.). It's perfect for a dress, tunic, skirt, jacket, etc. Dry clean or test first if you wish to hand or machine wash.