Emma One Sock

Italian digital 'tangled web' cotton stretch woven

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fabric #63209
contents: cotton/elas
width: 56"
origin: Italy
Sold out!

Just in with a new shipment from to Italian mills, this is a fantastic cotton/lycra stretch dressweight woven, medium-light weight and opaque, with a cottony drape. The print is a wonderful "tangled web" design (23" repeat) in various shades of blue and turquoise on a stone white background (PANTONE 17-4030, 17-4435, 19-4030, etc.). 20% stretch in the width with great recovery. Great for dresses, skirts, tunic, overshirt, etc. Beautiful quality! Test first if you would like to machine wash and dry (cold water, low heat), or hand wash, or dry clean.