Emma One Sock

NY designer 2-ply bonded linear print cotton "scuba" 1.875 yds

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fabric #63250
contents: cotton/poly/span
width: 43.5"
origin: NY designer
original EOS price: $29.90/yd
discounted price: $25.42/yd
$47.66 for the piece
Sold out!

This highly unusual and very cool fabric drapes like a substantial scuba fabric, but is actually two layers of a cotton stretch micro-twill bonded together, and then printed with a great linear graphic that has a 2.25" repeat. The colors are black and ivory, and it's a more substantial and opaque fabric with a firm drape and 5% stretch in the width only. Use as you would a scuba/neoprene, for structured and simple-lined dresses, jackets, coats, etc. Dry clean only. LAST PIECE, 1.875 yds.