Emma One Sock

Italian 2-ply wool/viscose sweater knit- butter/ivory

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fabric #63309
contents: wool/viscose
width: 48.5"
origin: The0ry/Italy
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From The0ry and made in Italy, this wonderful 2-ply wool/viscose sweater knit is medium weight and cozy, tightly knit and opaque with body in the drape. One side is a butter-toned, simple wool sweater knit, and the reverse had an ivory-colored textured yarn (wool/viscose blend) so it has a more crepey look (PANTONE 11-0107, 11-4301). It has a lovely, soft hand and about 30% widthwise stretch. Make a wonderful cardigan, pullover, sweater dress, etc. Dry clean or treat as you would any fine wool sweater knit.