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The0ry high fashion viscose knit scuba - navy

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fabric #63376
contents: viscose/foam
width: 54.5"
origin: The0ry/Italy
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This sophisticated and fashion forward Italian scuba/neoprene from The0ry has rayon jersey in a dark navy (PANTONE 19-3920) on both sides--so it's reversible--with a foam layer sandwiched in between to provide its characteristic spongey texture. It has about 15% widthwise stretch and is stable lengthwise. Substantial in weight with a more firm drape, it is opaque, super modern, and perfect for minimalist jacket, vest, topper coat, etc. This would also be perfect for Kathryn Brenne's quilted scuba jacket that is on the cover of a previous issue of Vogue Patterns Magazine! Please test first if you wish to machine wash, and hang to dry, or dry clean.