Emma One Sock

double border yarn scramble coating - multicolor/black

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fabric #63530
contents: 70poly/20rayon/10acr
width: 56"
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This is a fabulous double border yarn scramble coating fabric, with multicolor and varied-texture yarns on a black base fabric. The fabric is created through a special felting process that adheres (without glue or fusing) the yarns to each other and to the backing in a colorful scrambled design that adorns each selvage with a 15" border. The base fabric is a faux wool woven with a brushed texture on the wrong side, and a simple tight weave on the face. It is medium weight with lovely drape that has some body and is perfect for an eye-catching fall coat or jacket, cape or poncho, etc. The exquisite colors are largely shades of purple, smokey blue, red, rouge, leafy green, yellow, winter white, etc. Dry clean, or test first if you wish to hand or machine wash.