Emma One Sock

Italian double flower border cotton stretch woven

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fabric #63597
contents: 98cotton/2spandex
width: 56"
origin: Italy
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From Italy, this is a lovely cotton/spandex stretch dress weight woven, medium-light weight and opaque, with a cottony drape. The print is a wonderful double border floral design (23" vertical repeat) with more saturated and distinct flowers along each selvage and darker, less distinct flowers in the central area. The colors include mixed tones of red, pink, citrus, leafy greens, off black, etc. (PANTONE 17-1656, 16-2126, 14-0850, etc.). 10% stretch in the width, but if you wish to cut across the grain consider it a non-stretch fabric. Great for a tunic, top, dress, skirt, light jacket, etc. Test first if you would like to hand or machine wash and dry (cold water, low heat, separately).