Emma One Sock

Italian metallic crosshatch velvet knit - burnished gold

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fabric #63644
contents: polyester
width: 61"
origin: Italy
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This is an exquisite velvet knit from Italy, with a burnished gold reflective crosshatch design on a black ground (it is black and smooth on the reverse). It's difficult to capture in a photo, but it has a burnishes, bronzey, antique look with a reflective sheen that is very elegant and sophisticated, and quite beautiful in real life! It has about 40% stretch in the width, and just a bit in the length. Perfect for a special occasion top, tunic, wrap, overjacket, dress, skirt, gown, etc. Medium-light weight and drapey but opaque, with a soft and velvety texture on the face. Some styles may need lining. Dry cleaning recommended.