Emma One Sock

Italian wool blend boucle' plaid - lime/citrine/sienna

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fabric #63666
contents: wool/poly blend
width: 60.5"
origin: Italy
Sold out!

Limited yardage, and cannot be reordered. We have about about 5.75 yards.
This Italian beauty is a wool blend boucle' plaid woven suiting/coating with a wonderfully soft and cozy texture on the right side, a more flat weave on the reverse. The colors are lime, yellow-green, turquoise, citrine, sienna, winter white and dark loden (PANTONE 15-6422, 13-0939, 16-4725, 19-1436, etc). It's a perfect suiting/coating weight and even more luscious and textured in real life! Make a fabulous Chanel-style jacket, coat, suit, cape, etc. Dry cleaning recommended. Sells for $59.00/yd in NY.