Emma One Sock

Italian wool blend boucle' coating - pink/winter white

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fabric #63681
contents: wool/poly blend
width: 54.75"
origin: Italy
Sold out!

This Italian beauty is a wool blend boucle' fancy woven coating with wonderfully soft and cozy texture that is much the same on both sides. The variety of yarn textures include flat ribbons, sparkly ribbon, chenille, mini ric rac, etc., a more flat weave on the reverse. The colors are several shades of pink with creamy ivory chenille (PANTONE 13-1906, 14-2307, 11-0107, etc). It's a perfect coating weight and even more luscious and textured in real life! It is medium-heavy weight with a more firm drape. Make a fabulous Chanel-style jacket, coat, cape, etc. Dry cleaning recommended. Sells for $110.00/yd in NY.