Emma One Sock

Italian pink/purple/nutmeg textured wool boucle'

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fabric #63689
contents: wool blend
width: 57"
origin: Italy
Sold out!

This is a STUNNING fancy weave wool blend boucle' woven that has a soft and textured hand, and a beautiful blend of shades of pink, purple, tangerine, nutmeg, peach blush and winter white (PANTONE 18-4011, 13-1026, 19-3424, 16-1450, etc). It has a blend of plain and fancy yarns of different thicknesses and textures to create the wonderful boucle' effect. It is a heavier suiting weight, opaque with body in the drape, and is perfect for a Chanel or other style jacket, a suit, skirt, topper coat, etc. Dry cleaning recommended. Sells for $69/yd in NY.