Emma One Sock

Italian fancy lilac/bark/gold metallic boucle' .66 yds

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fabric #64209
contents: wool/visc/nyl/poly/met
width: 60"
origin: Italy
original EOS price: $48.00/yd
discounted price: $31.20/yd
$20.59 for the piece
Sold out!

This is a stunning Italian fancy boucle' with a variety of novelty yarn textures and metallic accents. It has a somewhat tight weave, and the colors include bark, lilac, mauvey pink, pale pink, with gold and yellow accents (PANTONE 17-3628, 15-2215, 19-0809, etc.). It is an opaque, lighter suiting weight with body in the drape and a more dressy look. Perfect for a Chanel-style jacket, suit, sheath dress, evening coat, etc. Dry clean only. Sells for $79.00/yd in NY. LAST PIECE, .66 yds.