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tweedy ribbed sweater knit - gloxinia/silver 1 yard

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fabric #64229
contents: 88poly/8ray/4elas
width: 60"
origin: Korea
original EOS price: $14.75/yd
discounted price: $12.54/yd
$12.54 for the piece
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This is a lovely medium-light weight sweater knit, drapey and soft with 80% widthwise stretch, 50% lengthwise stretch. It has a soft hand, and a ribbed texture with vertical ribs of gloxinia (purple) and silvery-white heather (PANTONE 19-3022-ish) is a beautiful basic that will coordinate with so many things.It is nearly opaque, and perfect for drapey tops, tunics, cardigans, infinity scarf, etc. Some styles may need lining or layering. Please test first: hand wash, lay flat to dry. 1 yard.