Emma One Sock

stretch cotton blend denim - brilliant blue *minor flaw* 1.25 yds

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fabric #64232
contents: 65cot/32poly/3span
width: 54"
original EOS price: $14.50/yd
discounted price: $11.60/yd
$14.50 for the piece
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This is a fabulous cotton blend stretch denim, a medium-light weight denim that is perfect for any season! It's quite malleable and soft, as if it were pre-washed! About 30% stretch in the width only with great recovery. The color is quite saturated: a brilliant blue (PANTONE 18-4247 is close). Fabulous for jeans, capris, jacket, skirt, skinny pants, etc. Pre-wash separately in cold water, tumble dry low or hang to dry. MINOR FLAW, small, quarter sized stain along selvage, .25 in to yardage, 1.25 yds.