Emma One Sock

bundle, blacks, 14 small cuts, 7 lbs

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fabric #64276
contents: varied
width: varied
original EOS price: $15-$40.00/yard
bundle price: $5.50/pound
$38.50 for the piece
Sold out!

Are you bursting with creativity? Do you enjoy making purses, sachets, pillows, scarves, mittens, hats, doll clothing, color-blocked garments, unconventional quilts or wall hangings, or trimming your garments with a bit of flair? Then these bundles are for you! Sold by the pound, most pieces are 1/4 yard or more, there may be a little flaw here or there, and your cost per yard is WAY below my cost. What a bargain!! This bundle includes knits and wovens in the black family. Not to be combined with other discount offers. NO RETURNS, AND NO HOLDS.