Cluny Lace
by Shannon Gifford
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    Cluny lace is a true classic. It is often seen in ready to wear as a versatile all-over lace application, appropriate for casual wear as well as for more formal garments. As with all laces, the beauty of the fabric will be the star of any garment from which it is made! This all-over lace pattern can be used for many styles of garments, from classic to trendy.


    Hand-wash, lay flat to dry

    Needles and Thread:

    Use a sharp or universal point needle, size 11 or 14, for construction. All cotton or cotton-covered polyester threads are the best choices for cluny lace garments.

    Seams, Seam Finishes, and Hems:

    When stitching seams in lace, stitch ribbon or rayon seam binding in the seams at the same time as the construction seam is stitched. Use a straight stitch, medium length, for most seams. Trim the finished seam next to the edge of the ribbon, then zigzag over the edge of the ribbon to finish the seam.

    If you have a serger, use a three thread balanced stitch for construction. Again, use ribbon or binding in the seam, between the fabric and the needle, for stabilization of the seams. The serger will finish the seam allowance at the same time the seam is sewn. Hems can be finished with binding, or you can trim around the motifs of the lace for a scalloped hem effect.


    Because of the open appearance of the fabric, a fusible interfacing is not recommended. Instead, use a sew-in sheer fabric as your interfacing. Silk organza or another sheer, in a coordinating or flesh color, is the best choice for your interfacing.

    Pattern Suggestions:

    Shirts, skirts, dresses, soft jackets, shawls, evening wear.

    Creative Possibilities:

    Dress your cluny lace up or down, based on the embellishment you might choose. For daywear, try lining your lace with a pastel or bright colored contrast fabric. For evening, add a soft lining, and embellish the outer fabric with beads or sequins.

    Additional Tips:

    Treat finished lace pieces with care; store them flat, or add hanging loops to the seams of your garments to prevent stress when hanging.

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