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    Malia Janveaux has been sewing since she was 6 years old, when she would cut up her grandma’s dish towels and sew them into clothes for her Barbies. As a teen she studied under master sewist Kathryn Brenne, then completed her B.A. in Fashion Design at Ryerson University, and then worked as Kathryn’s assistant for five years.

    Malia has designed several childrenswear patterns for both Vogue and McCalls, under Kathryn Brenne’s label. Sewing is her passion and she loves being part of a community that is so creative and inspiring! She hopes to, in turn, inspire others with her work. She loves fine details and enjoys making every garment with care. Malia says that fine sewing is an art that is sadly being lost over time, and she feels incredibly lucky to have been able to work under such a wonderful mentor. She feels the need and responsibility to pass it on.

    Malia now works in a costume shop for films, and although it’s quite different than anything she's ever done, she is loving it! Always looking to learn more, Malia often thinks of the words of another mentor of hers, Jon Moore: "If your sewing is perfect and you have nothing left to learn, then what’s the point?" Malia says that she has never minded ripping things out, always viewing it as an opportunity to improve her technique or to learn something new!