Shredded Knit
by Shannon Gifford
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    This fabric has all the hallmarks of the current trends in ready-to-wear knits. The base fabric is a sheer knit, usually in a solid color, with patches of a print knit attached to the base in a mosaic-style pattern. The edges of the patches are left raw (in keeping with current trends), but do not have an unfinished or frayed appearance due to the properties of the knit fabric. This is a dynamite, up-to-date fabric for fun garments!


    Prewash in cold water, no bleach, and dry in a cool dryer. This fabric does not respond well to high heat, so avoid hot irons and hot dryers.

    Needles and Thread:

    As for any knit, use a jersey needle. Size 11/75 is the best choice for this fabric. For construction, use a cotton covered polyester or all polyester thread.

    Seams, Seam Finishes, and Hems:

    On a conventional machine, use a zigzag stitch (2.0 length, 1.5 width) for construction. For a serged construction, use a 3-thread balanced stitch. Seam allowances do not require finishes, as the fabric does not ravel. Hems can be left raw, if desired. If you prefer a finished hem, use a twin needle (4.0/75, jersey or stretch) to construct the hem. Or use a rolled hem on the serger or a coverstitch for easy hem options.


    Fusibles are not recommended for this fabric, as it does not respond well to heat. Should you need the reinforcement of interfacing, use a sew-in mesh knit in the areas that require additional stability.

    Pattern Suggestions:

    Tanks, tees, cardigans, drapey skirts, tunics, kimono-style garments, wrap tops, ponchos and capes.

    Creative Possibilities:

    Use this fabric in tandem with a knit the same weight and color as the base to make a trendy top. For instance, use a black mesh knit for the sleeves of a tee, and the shredded knit (with a black backing) for the bodice. This fabric also pairs well with leather; use strips of leather for vertical trims on your shredded knit garment, or to bring attention to seams of an assymetrical skirt.

    Additional Tips:

    This fabric does not respond well to heat, so avoid hot dryers and hot irons.

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