Wool Gauze
by Shannon Gifford
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    Wool gauze is an eye-catching woven fabric. It has a more loose, open weave, with the soft sponginess of wool. This is a beautiful option for floaty, sweater-like garments with an upscale touch, and since it is generally very lightweight and airy, it can be suitable for warmer climates.


    Treat as you would treat a fine sweater; hand-wash, lay flat to dry. Dry clean if preferred.

    Needles and Thread:

    Stretch needles, size 11 or 14 (depending on the weight of your fabric), are best for construction. Use cotton, cotton covered polyester, or all polyester thread for construction.


    Not recommended, due to the open weave of the fabric. If you need stability in certain areas, use silk organza in a flesh tone or in a color to blend with the fabric. Any stabilizing fabrics will be visible from the public side of the garment, so keep that in mind when making your choices.

    Seams, Seam Finishes, and Hems:

    Because of the open weave of the fabric, a stay tape is recommended for stitching. Use rayon seam tape (like Hug Snug) and catch it under the needle as you stitch the seam. Use a standard 2.0 stitch length for construction. Clean finish your hems by stitching rayon seam tape or lace hem tape along the edge, then hem by hand. Seams will require finishing; use nylon seam binding (Seams Great is one brand), or make a binding from silk organza or a lightweight fabric.

    Pattern Suggestions:

    Soft garments which are relatively unstructured; shawls, skirts, tunics, pareos, scarves, cardigans, vests.

    Creative possibilities:

    Thread ribbon through the open areas of your gauze for a beautiful embellishment.

    Additional Tips:

    Use your wool gauze as a component of a garment, such as the sleeve or collar on a top. Wool gauze has the potential to shrink (felt) when washed; use this to your advantage. Shrink small portions of your scraps to use as embellishments for other garments.

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