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Mani1a Grace shapes on stripes cotton voile

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fabric #63227
contents: 100% cotton
width: 56"
origin: Mani1a Grace/Italy
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Just in with a new shipment from top Italian mills, this is a gorgeous quality cotton voile made for Mani1a Grace (logo appears sporadically on fabric), lightweight and semi-sheer with a floaty, slightly crisp drape and a cottony, super soft hand. The print is wonderful: with thin, vertical blue and white stripes with Miro'-like shape clusters in soft, mixy shades rouge, lemon, indigo, ivory, turquoise, etc. (PANTONE 18-3945, 18-1629, 13-0633, 15-4323, etc.). Perfect for blouses, tops, tunics, dress or skirt, etc. Lining or layering may be needed for some styles. Please test first if you wish to hand wash, and hang to dry.